A builder trusted by elite homeowners in Tunbridge Wells

When you hire a builder from Lanhill Construction, you’re investing in an exceptional standard of workmanship. Our firm focuses on the topmost end of the housing market. Our clients are predominately Tunbridge Wells professionals looking to invest in improving their property through luxury kitchens, bathroom refurbishment and house extension.

When you work with Lanhill, you can be sure of a renovation that lasts. Since the company first came to be in 2014, we’ve built a reputation on consistently outstanding results. This comes as a result of exceptionally talented tradespeople, and meticulous project management right from the first consultation.

Lanhill builders maintain high standards on every renovation they carry out in Tunbridge Wells. Let’s take a look at some of the services on offer.

Tunbridge Wells Lanhill Construction

Brickwork and Repointing

When brickwork falls into disrepair, the visual impact on the building can be severe. Tunbridge Wells in particular is home to large numbers of period properties whose exterior can only be preserved through the meticulous attention of a skilled builder. Older bricks tend to degrade more easily than more robust modern ones, and thus period properties are vulnerable to weathering. Rainwater permeates the surface, and leads to frost weathering, salt dissolution and deposition, as well as disintegration from acids in rainwater. This is a problem about which owners of elite homes in Tunbridge Wells will rightly be concerned.
Happily, weathering can usually be corrected through a process called repointing. Repointing refreshes the external part of mortar joints, and thereby halts the aging process and retains the look of the brickwork. The goal is a seamless transition between the older brickwork and the newer. Such a transition can be achieved by carefully matching new mortar with the old. Lanhill builders have extensive experience with this, and will ensure that your Tunbridge Wells home retains its coherence even after a house extension or general exterior house renovation.
Tunbridge Wells Lanhill Construction


A house extension on a Tunbridge Wells property requires preparatory groundworks. This work ensures sub-surfaces are ready to bear the weight of the new construction work. Groundworks might involve ground investigation, site clearance, substructure and ground stabilisation works, site services and landscaping.
For good reason, Tunbridge Wells local authorities demand thorough groundworks and site preparation prior to any major building work. This ensures that any house extension is solid from the ground up. Lanhill builders have extensive experience with home renovations in the area, and will provide advice on the necessary groundworks right from the first meeting.
Firstly, a builder will conduct a ground investigation to identify past land uses and identify potential issues with stability or contamination. Site clearance and landscaping then removes the topsoil from the footprint of your would-be house extension.
Substructure can then be put in place. This includes soil nails, ground anchors, synthetic liners and foundations. Where temporary drainage and utilities connections are required, they can then be installed. Once the groundworks is finished with, the builder can begin work on your Tunbridge Wells house extension.
Tunbridge Wells Lanhill Construction

Plastering and Rendering

The Lanhill’s team includes a team of highly-skilled builders, each of whom possesses several years of experience in the construction industry. They’re able to plaster and render to an exceptional standard. This comes in especially handy during luxury kitchen installations, bathroom installations, house renovations and house extension work in Tunbridge Wells. Generally speaking, plaster is applied to interior surfaces, while rendering is performed on exterior ones. Though both are constructed from cement, sand, water and lime, the proportion of cement and the fineness of the sand distinguish the two materials from one another. A coarse render is perfect for weatherproofing the exterior of a Tunbridge Wells property, whereas smooth plaster is perfect for painting or wallpapering interior walls. A builder from our team will apply modern acrylic premixed render to a new house extension; the material is preferred thanks to its enhanced water resistance and strength, and it’s available in a variety of finishes including sandstone, stone or a marble effect.