High Quality House Extension Work in Maidstone

Being the premier builder in Kent, we’re able to offer a range of bespoke construction services to our high-value homes in Sevenoaks, Blackheath, Tunbridge Wells and Maidstone. These include home renovations, luxury kitchens, and stunning bathrooms; but we’re also able to extend your home, too.

Our commitment to our craft is exemplified by our home extension work. Each one is tailored to the specific requirements of the homeowner, and informed by decades of industry experience. Whether it’s another bathroom, a dining area, a lounge, or something more exotic like a home studio, we’ll guide the project from concept to reality.

We’ve been operating since 2014, and during the few years since then we’ve rapidly built a reputation for excellence. As such, we’re the number-one choice for homeowners in Kent: from Tunbridge Wells to Maidstone.

House Extensions Lanhill Construction

What sort of Home Extension is best for me?

A new bedroom is an obvious choice for renovation: whether you’re a new family in Sevenoaks looking to plan for the future, or a developer in Tunbridge Wells looking to add value to a home. Homeowners in Maidstone and Sevenoaks also favour extensions to their kitchen and dining space – carrying out a luxury kitchen installation in the process. Or what about a new place to unwind? A living-room extension can add considerable utility to a property, as well as being an aesthetic talking-point.

But your requirements might not be so straightforward. We’ve tackled a vast range of projects, ranging from home gymnasiums to bespoke play areas for children. During your free consultation, we can provide inspiration as well as guidance. Even if your dream extension is just a vague idea twinkling at the back of your mind, we can help you to flesh it out.

House Extensions Lanhill Construction

From Concept to Completion

Our house extension projects benefit from the same finely-tuned process we apply to our kitchen installations and our other home renovation work. We’ll take a concept and transform it into a series of comprehensive, comprehensible drawings. Through these, you’ll be able to see exactly what you’re getting before we start work, and we’ll be able to refine your vision at the outset, and thereby minimise delay further along.
If you already have a bespoke design specification developed, then we can work alongside it rather than fighting against it. With our extensive expertise, we can put together the home extension of your dreams.
Whatever your ambitions, we’ll provide the know-how that’ll blend the new space into your existing exterior, installing all of the windows and doors along the way. We’ll draw upon years of experience to create an extension that’ll feel like something that has always been there. We’re insured up to £2m, providing you with peace of mind throughout the project.
House Extensions Lanhill Construction

More than just a builder

Here at Lanhill Construction, we have access to the specialist talent that’ll implement your home extension flawlessly. We bring in trusted plumbers, electricians and tilers, and we organise and direct them for maximum efficiency. As such, we’re able to keep things in budget without compromising a thing. Whether you’re based in Tunbridge Wells, Sevenoaks, Maidstone, or anywhere else in Kent, we can help bring together the elements required, and make your renovation something special.

Why Choose Lanhill?

In Kent, we are unmatched for our commitment to the highest standards. You’ll find these standards in every element of our work – from tiling to wiring to plumbing. It’s through this approach that we’ve built a reputation for excellence. Our customers in Tunbridge Wells, Maidstone, Blackheath and Sevenoaks expect peerless results, and we take pride in delivering them. Choose us, and you’ll also benefit from first-class customer service, including a free consultation and always-available emergency callouts to protect your investment in the rare event that something goes wrong.