Trusted by homeowners in Chislehurst and beyond

When it comes to house renovation, quality really does matter. That’s why we at Lanhill put quality at the heart of everything we do. Our clients in Chislehurst trust us for our commitment to the highest standards of craftsmanship – and for our expert advice. We provide services including kitchen installations, bathroom installations, and even entire home extensions: and we maintain the highest standards in everything we do.

Chislehurst is home to buildings of enormous beauty and value. We specialise in refurbishing and renovating buildings of this sort. Our team can take care of the improvements you have in mind with extraordinary dedication and skill – but they also provide advice, and listen to your wishes, too.

Chislehurst Lanhill Construction

How does it start?

Our service starts with a consultation. A member of our team will visit your home in Chislehurst, and have a conversation about your requirements. You’ll be under no obligation to go further – but if you choose to, we’ll move onto the design stage. This is where we set your ideas onto paper, whether they’re for a house extension, kitchen installation, or bathroom installation. We’ll be able to refine your vision, advising you of potential problems and eventually arriving at a design you’re happy with.
Having done that, we’ll be able to move onto the construction work itself.
Chislehurst Lanhill Construction

The right talent

Our team includes qualified builders who’ve been in the industry for decades. But a few of them also offer specialised skills. We can thus provide pipework, electrical installation and tiling as part of the service. Moreover, we have extensive experience of project management, and thus we’re able to organise these individuals in such a way that your house extension, kitchen installation or bathroom installation proceeds smoothly.
Each of our installations are tailored to the unique demands of the client and the existing building. This allows us to maintain the character of your home in Chislehurst while we make the renovations. That way, your kitchen or bathroom installation will feel like it’s been there right from the start.
Chislehurst Lanhill Construction

Backing you can rely on

Each member of our team is fully qualified in their respective fields. Moreover, all of our work is insured for up to £2 million, because our insurers understand the high standards we work to. As such, you’ll have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your home is protected.
Chislehurst Lanhill Construction

Specialists in Quality

Our Chislehurst clients expect the best from us – and we consistently deliver. As such, we’ve been able to build a stellar reputation. If you’re the owner of an elite-quality home in Kent, you need the best possible builder. Our team create home renovations and extensions that add real value to the buildings involved.
Chislehurst Lanhill Construction

Taking the first step

If you’re the owner of an upmarket home in Chislehurst, then why not get in touch to arrange your free consultation? You can book one by getting in touch with us via email, telephone, or the contact form on this website.